Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activities Grant Program

Cal Poly is committed to the teacher-scholar model in which faculty integrate excellence in teaching with excellence in research, scholarly and creative activities. The teacher-scholar model enables faculty to fulfill Cal Poly’s mission as an institution committed to quality undergraduate and graduate education, to the advancement of knowledge through basic and applied research, to the enrichment of society through creative activities in the arts and humanities, and to serving our community. The Research, Scholarly and Creative Activities (RSCA) Grant Program, supported by funds from the Provost’s Office and the Chancellor's Office, is intended to help faculty remain engaged in their disciplines beyond the classroom and to contribute new knowledge through robust programs of scholarship focused on strengthening California socially, culturally, and economically. The annual funding from the program is intended to provide more internal resources to help faculty pursue a broader array of professional activities.

Who may apply? All faculty unit employees are eligible to compete for funding. This funding is intended to provide support for new tenure track faculty and lecturers, and funding to help tenured faculty open new scholarly directions. For tenured faculty, it is necessary to provide the reviewers specific information that demonstrates the proposed research is a new scholarly direction. This funding is not intended to be an ongoing source of funding for faculty research projects.

What types of projects will be funded? The program is intended to fund all types of research, scholarly, and creative activities. This includes but is not limited to empirical and theoretical research, applied design and development, pedagogical research, writing of books, and the production of art. Proposed projects must be related to the generation of new knowledge and learning.  Grants will not be awarded for instructional improvement, course development, or evaluation. If the scholarship is pedagogically focused, which is a fundable research type, it is incumbent upon the applicant to make this clear.  Please review the Scoring Sheet and Rating Definitions for more information on how the reviewed proposals will be scored.

Where can you get more information? Please see the 2020-21 Request for Proposals. Hard copies can be obtained from the Office of Research and Economic Development, located in Bldg. 38, Room 154, (805) 756-5153. You must submit your application using the Cal Poly InfoReady Review application; from the home page, select "Office of Research and Economic Development" from the drop-down menu in the upper left corner, click on the 2020-21 Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activities Grant link under "Applications and Competitions for Research Support Programs." Note that this program does NOT require any processing through the Grants Development Office, Cal Poly's pre-award unit for proposals to external funders.

When are the proposals due?  They must be completed and submitted, via the InfoReady application, by 11:59pm, Thursday, February 6, 2020.  The Proposal Description and Budget, using the templates provided via the links, must be included in the application.

When will the decisions be announced? Decisions, whether awarded or not, will be announced in mid Spring Quarter 2020.

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