Research Security & Export Compliance

What do we mean by "Research Security" and How does it impact Cal Poly Students, Faculty, and Staff?


Research Security is an emerging term in the compliance world.  Federal funding agencies, particularly National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, and Department of Energy, have become more concerned since 2015 about the impact of foreign government activities on collaborative science.  They have identified issues related to the peer review process and situations where US funding has been diverted to support research and IP development in other countries.

In all applications for assistance, especially those to federal agencies, be sure to include all current and previous funded or unfunded projects/activities involving entities outside of the U.S.  The US Government and federal funding agencies consider these documents to be legally binding to some extent and not reporting all previous appointments and other support in federal funding applications has been prosecuted as fraud.

Why is Export Compliance Important? What Does It Mean for Students, Faculty, and Staff?


Cal Poly is committed to maintaining an open educational, public service, scholarly, and research environment for all students, faculty, and staff.  Concurrently Cal Poly must recognize and abide by federal regulations that govern the export of certain information and hardware to Non-United States Persons.  

There are multiple ways in which hardware or information can be exported. Most frequently at Cal Poly we may complete what the federal  Hardware can be exported by shipping or bringing hardware with us when we travel, and some hardware can be exported within the U.S. if we let persons who are not U.S. citizens view or use the hardware.

See the Cal Poly Statement of Commitment to Export Compliance.


Export Control & Research Security training for students, faculty, and staff

Training on Export Compliance is available at no charge for Cal Poly faculty, staff, and students. To take the course:

  1. Visit
  2. Login to your CITI account, or register a new account and login.
  3. Choose Cal Poly as your affiliated institution, or click on "Affiliate with a New Institution" to choose Cal Poly from the list of affiliated institutions.
  4. Once affiliated, select "Add a Course".
  5. On the list of available courses, answer question 4 (Conflict of Interest), as appropriate, and then scroll to the bottom and select CITI Export Controls Course.  You also can choose any other courses you are interested in taking.
  6. Click on SUBMIT and then, on the list of your courses, select Export Compliance.

Restricted party screenings

The team completes restricted party screenings to meet limitations set by the United States Government that restrict us from working with certain business entities or individuals.

Review of international travel

When you travel internationally, as part of the review process in Concur, you will be required to submit an AdobeSign form and attach the completed form to your Concur request.  For more information, see the International Travel website or the AdobeSign Powerform.

Reviewing campus projects to identify projects with export control requirements

The team reviews campus Sponsored Projects and internal Division of Research funding awards to identify and address potential export control requirements related to these projects.

Draft and Implement Technology Control Plans to protect controlled information and/or hardware

If a project or item of equipment is identified as having export control requirements, a Technology Control Plan (TCP) will be put together to help define and ensure export control requirements are met.

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