Centers, Institutes, and Specialized Laboratories/Facilities

Centers and Institutes

Establishing a Center at Cal Poly

Periodic Review of Campus Centers and Institutes

Name Change Requests/Updates to Mission or Internal Organizational Protocol

  • Procedures and Sample Requests for Name Change Requests/Updates to Mission or Internal Organizational Protocol (pdf or Word doc)

Specialized Laboratories/Facilities

Those who wish to engage in research collaboration with Cal Poly (including tenants of the Technology Park) may access a variety of specialized, on-campus facilities and equipment, including:

  • Analytical instrumentation
  • Specialized research databases and search services
  • Earthquake simulation equipment
  • Geographical information systems (GIS) centers
  • Irrigation practice field
  • Rapid prototyping laboratory
  • Remote technologies laboratory
  • Scanning electron and atomic force microscopes
  • Traffic control simulation center
  • Transportation electronics laboratory
  • Usability testing facilities
  • Videoconferencing facilities
  • Wind tunnel

Additional information on research and faculty expertise in the academic departments can be accessed through the College or Department home pages. In addition, the following projects/laboratories have provided direct links to their web pages:

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