Cal Poly, Autumn Spring Foods Announce New Process to Improve Protein Content in Foods

Cal Poly has developed an improved process to extract protein from milk. The patent-pending process allows for fast and cost-effective extraction and produces a protein that will enable foods and snacks to be produced with enhanced protein content.

Cal Poly has entered into a licensing agreement with Autumn Spring Foods LLC for the proprietary milk protein extraction process. “We are thrilled with the taste, texture and quality of the milk protein extracted through this process,” said David Buhler, CEO of Autumn Spring Foods.

Protein is an essential nutritional component that helps builds strong muscles and assists the body in feeling satisfied and full. “The proprietary extraction method results in food products that are nutritional and good tasting,” said Cal Poly Professor Rafael Jimenez-Flores, inventor of the process. “It’s rewarding to have invented a new process that will benefit both the consumer and the dairy industry.”

Buhler said that his company is already working with food manufacturers to use the milk protein in a variety of foods -- including potato chips, corn chips and crisps -- and aims to market the high-protein snack products to appropriate retail channels in the near future.

Food retailers, wholesalers and distributors can contact Autumn Spring Foods for additional information about the new high-protein snack products. For more information, contact Buhler at 262-884-0598 or

For additional information regarding patent licenses and technology transfer opportunities with Cal Poly, contact Jim Dunning at 805-756-5551 or

This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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