FAQs for conducting research during Summer 2021

Safety Protocols for In-Person Research

What are the current campus requirements to ensure in-person research can occur safely during summer 2021?

  • The most up-to-date requirements for all campus activity, including research, can be found at the Coronavirus Information Campus Requirements page. The page includes information about daily screening, PPE, etc.
  • Students should comply with local public health recommendations in all circumstances to slow the spread of COVID-19. This includes on-campus activities and off-campus activities. Local public health recommendations include:
    • Unvaccinated individuals should wear a face covering over their nose and mouth when inside
    • Stay home when you’re sick
    • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water
  • Lab spaces and research facilities that have been in use over the past academic year have approved safety plans. If you plan to use one of these spaces for your summer research, please reach out to your department head/chair or associate dean to ensure that you have the most up-to-date requirements.
  • For additional information on continuing safety protocols in place on campus, please visit https://academicaffairs.calpoly.edu/frequently-asked-questions.

Can I ask students/faculty/staff/employees if they have been vaccinated or require vaccinations prior to participation on my summer research project?

  • No. Asking an individual about their health status, while not a HIPAA violation, may encroach on their privacy rights and possibly place an unintentional power dynamic on the faculty/student/employee relationship. Students participating in summer research, and accessing campus facilities, will be asked to complete the daily symptom screener throughout the summer.
  • Faculty are strongly encouraged to confirm that a student is certified to access campus via the student’s Campus Pass daily as they enter the laboratory or research space. More information on the Campus Pass can be found here.

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